Under Review/Work

Gothreau, Claire, Amanda Milena Alvarez, and Amanda Friesen. “Objectified and Dehumanized: Does Objectification Impact Perceptions of Women Political Candidates?” Conditional acceptance of registered report at Journal of Experimental Political Science.

Djupe, Paul A., Amanda Friesen, and Anand Sokhey. “Social Dominance Orientations Help Explain Gender-based Differences in Political Networks, Engagement, and Participation.” Under review at Political Behavior.

An epidemic among my people: Religion in the Age of COVID-19. Paul A. Djupe and Amanda Friesen, eds. Under review at Temple University Press.

Gothreau, Claire, Kevin Arceneaux, and Amanda Friesen. “Hostile, Benevolent, Implicit: How Different Shades of Sexism Impact Gendered Policy Attitudes.” Under review.

Warren, Clarisse, Claire Gothreau, Rachel Bernard, and Amanda Friesen. “Not that Woman: Physiological Data Shows Bias Against Female Leaders, Especially Among Democrats.” Presented at 2019 APSA.

Friesen, Amanda, Mariken van der Velden, and Isabella Rebasso. “Who Hedges, Who Declares? Analyzing Politicians’ Level of Certainty in Parliamentary Debates in Canada, Ireland, U.K. and U.S.” Presented at 2020 APSA.

Friesen, Amanda, Michael Gruszczynski, Jianing Li, and Michael Wagner. “What We Talk About When We Talk About Politics.” Presented at 2021 MPSA.

Friesen, Amanda, Paul A. Djupe, and Isabella Rebasso. “Extraversion, Gender and the Perceived Pleasantness of Politics.” Presented at 2021 ISPP.

Gothreau, Claire, and Amanda Friesen. “Not Fit for Office: Does Weight Bias Impact Evaluation of Political Candidates?” Accepted at 2021 APSA.

Blake, William, Joseph Cozza, and Amanda Friesen. “Social Capital, Institutional Rules, and Constitutional Amendment Rates.” Accepted at 2021 APSA.